Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

A Positive and Supportive School Environment

At ISF, we give a very high level of personal care and attention to all of our students.  We have a very positive school environment that encourages students to challenge themselves to achieve more. 

We do not select students based on academic ability upon entry, yet we achieve outstanding academic results at all levels in the school.

At ISF, we celebrate our students’ outstanding achievements in all domains such as in sports, music, drama, and the arts.

Students who attend ISF become well-rounded individuals. It all starts with their teachers and staff members at the school, who motivate students to work hard to achieve their goals.

Our teachers are extremely committed professionals who care deeply about the children under their care.  They inspire their students by example and encourage them to progress and do well by taking an interest in each student´s strengths and weaknesses.   Our teachers put great emphasis on teamwork within the classroom, and this contributes to a very positive and cooperative classroom environment.

SABIS Student Life Organization® – the Heart of the School

The SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) is the heart of the school.  It is a society that is run by students for students, involving them in the day-to-day running of the school and creating a positive school culture. It is the backbone of the school and offers students a wealth of possibilities for self-development, teamwork, and leadership.



Starting from Grade 4, the ISF Student Management Coordinators (SMC), teachers, and the school nurses teach weekly Advising classes. In the Primary School, topics include positive peer pressure, organizational skills, personal hygiene, health and exercise, conflict resolution, problem-solving skills, time management, and exam preparation techniques. In the Middle and High School, Advising classes include such topics as health and well-being, IT safety, cultural understanding, study and organizational skills, and interview skills as well as career and university counseling

Team-Building and Assemblies

ISF plans and organizes team-building events for students in Grade 5 and up.  These events are designed to help students to get to know each other and learn how to work on teams in a cooperative and positive manner.

On a regular basis, grade assemblies are held at the school and cover a variety of topics.  Students are recognized for their achievements at end-of-term award assemblies.



All of our students are able to consult with our Student Management Coordintors who provide counselling support on an individual basis. Our SMCs take the time to meet with each new student individually to ensure that the transition to the new school has been smooth. 

Student Management Team

ISF’s Student Management Coordinators and a team of supervisors watch over students when they are outside of the classrooms or at break and lunch time. The student management team is there to ensure that ISF students are safe and secure and have positive interactions with their peers. The student management team will intervene by giving advice and counseling as required so that students can enjoy a positive school environment.

School Code of Conduct

Our school’s code of conduct is available to all parents and students and can be found in the ISF Student-Parent Handbook.   

Our school rules are designed to ensure that students respect fellow students, teachers, and members of staff. For students who neglect the rules, clear consequences have been put in place so that the student can learn from his/her choices.  

Positive Points and Certificates

Students who contribute to making a difference in the school community are recognized with positive points and/or certificates.

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