Keeping Parents Informed

Keeping Parents Informed

At ISF we offer a very high level of individual care to each of our students.

We aim to ensure that each ISF student makes the most of everything we offer and achieves his or her very best.

We strive to build a strong partnership between home and school and create an environment of frequent, clear communication with parents through a number of means.

Academic Coordinators

ISF is divided into three main areas: Grades 1-4, Grades 5-8 and Grades 9-12, and each of these areas has an Academic Coordinator. We also have a Kindergarten Coordinator for our Kindergarten and Pre-School parents.

The Academic Coordinators are experienced teachers and administrators, and their role is to oversee the education of each child in their care. The Academic Coordinators do not teach and are available when they are needed by students or by parents.

Should an Academic Coordinator have any concerns about a student, the student’s parents will be promptly contacted.  Similarly, if parents have questions or concerns, they can contact the Coordinator directly (via email or telephone) and request a meeting. 

The Academic Coordinator has a complete overview of each student's progress in all areas of the school and can address any problem or concern quickly and thoroughly.  Any parent enquiry addressed to an Academic Coordinator will be answered within 48 hours.

We ask our parents to use the Academic Coordinator as their point of contact instead of trying to contact class or subject teachers as they are focused on their teaching duties.

Academic Coordinators hold regular informational meetings related to academics.  All of these meeting are posted on the ISF School Calendar.


Student Management Coordinator

Student Management Coordinators (SMC) at ISF look after matters relating to discipline and attendance. They also teach Advising classes to students from Grade 5 and offer students individual counseling when needed.  Students can visit an SMC at any time to discuss problems or seek advice.  ISF SMCs contact parents immediately if they have any concerns; likewise parents can contact SMCs by E-mail or telephone at any time.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled twice per year so that parents can discuss their children's progress with teachers. Dates for Parent-Teacher Conferences are published in the ISF School Calendar.

SABIS® Digital Platform

Parents can keep track of their child’s performance through the SABIS® Digital Platform, a password-protected website that provides information about academic performance, behavior, SLO® contributions, and attendance. Accessible via mobile device, tablet, or computer, The Digital Platform also provides regular updates on school events and activities.  Parents can also download the SABIS® Parent App to their mobile phone or tablet to access the Digital Platform and receive alerts regarding school notices.

Students can also log on to the SABIS® Digital Platform to view their timetable and homework assignments. Students can also track their academic performance and SLO® participation as well as monitor their attendance and view reminders and notices.


Student-Parent Handbook

Each year a new edition of the ISF Student-Parent Handbook is posted on the Digital Platform. This is a very comprehensive guide to ISF and contains useful information and communications charts to facilitate smooth communication between parents and the school.

Weekly Update

Every Friday the school publishes a newsletter to let the community know about the latest developments in the school. The Weekly Update includes regular sections for SLO® and sports, and messages from the Academic Coordinators and School Director. The Weekly Update is posted online and on notice boards within the school.

Info Screen

For those parents who bring their children to school, all the latest news, photos, and details about upcoming events are posted on a large info screen in the main entrance.

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