School Meals

School Meals

ISF facilities include several bright, modern cafeterias. 

As we believe that the quality and type of the food our students eat in ISF is very important, we have contracted with Sodexo, an internationally-renowned catering company which was founded in France and now has a large German and international presence.  Sodexo provides ISF students with a choice of three hot meals each day including soup, salad, dessert or fresh fruit, and a drink.  Alternatively, Sodexo also offers a lunchbox with sandwiches and fruit.

The meals are prepared fresh daily and are available for €70 to €75 per month or €4.50 to €5.00 per day, depending on the student’s grade.  Meals must be ordered in advance for students up to Grade 4.

Sodexo Brochure


The Sodexo menus are posted one month ahead on SABIS® Digital Platform and are also available from School Reception so that parents can plan their children's meals, if they so wish.

Sodexo also runs a kiosk with a range of hot and cold drinks and snacks including fresh fruit and salad.

We limit the choice of food available in the kiosk for students from Kindergarten to Grade 4, and parents can also limit a student’s choice of food and drink very easily. Parents may prepay into their child's Sodexo account and students can use their ISF card to buy meals or shop in the kiosk.

Parents may, of course, choose to provide their children with a snack lunch and morning snacks. We provide water for everyone and the use of microwave oven for the older students.

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