6 Gold, 5 Silver and 5 bronze medals for ISF at GISST Interschool Swimming Gala!

6 Gold, 5 Silver and 5 bronze medals for ISF at GISST Interschool Swimming Gala!

21 Junior swimmers from G2-6 left for a trip to Berlin on April 17th to explore the city and participate in the the Annual GISST Interschool Swimming Gala, hosted by Berlin British School on April 18th..

The field trip started at the Kollhoff-Tower, a panorama point and one of the main tourist attractions in the new Potsdamer Platz district. The fastest elevator in Europe took our swimmers in 20 seconds to begin their journey through the eventful history of one of the world’s most significant squares. Everybody enjoyed the breath-taking views of Berlin: the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Victory Column and Bellevue Palace and many more famous landmarks. The open-air exhibition explained the transformation from a quiet green to a major international city. Exploring Berlin by foot, our team passed a piece of the Berlin Wall, the statues of Bismarck, Roon and Moltke, the Victory Column and posed in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Beside this 12km walk they had fun sitting in a double decker bus and traveling in the U-Bahn.

The next day, very early in the morning swimmers, coaches and chaperones left for the Stadtbad Wilmersdorf where 124 swimmers from 6 different international schools in Germany took part in the swim competition. The ISF boys team from Grades 2-3 won the tournament with 105 Points. The boys' team from Grades 4 to 5 achieved the 3rd place, and both girls´ teams came in 4th place.

Thanks to the professional and dedicated swim team training, nearly every ISF swimmer achieved personal bests. The team won 6 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze medals. Our best swimmer with 4 gold and 1 silver medal in 5 races is Ankush Y., G4.


ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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