Advanced Placement (AP®)

Advanced Placement (AP®)

At ISF, we offer our students the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP®) courses.  Advanced Placement (AP®) is a U.S.-based program that is overseen by The College Board.  Through the AP® program, high school students study college-level curricula and take examinations that can earn them advanced placement or college credit.

American colleges and universities often grant placement and course credit to students who obtain high scores on AP® examinations. Test results are reported on a five-point scale, with five being the highest. ISF offers a wide selection of AP® courses and our students earn outstanding AP® results each year.

ISF students are guided in their choice of AP® courses. This advice is given in coordination with our university counsellors and the  ISF High School Academic Coordinator. Parents are involved fully in this process and kept informed through meetings for them and their child.

ISF students take pre-AP® courses in Grade 11 and sit AP® examinations at the end of Grade 12.

AP® Subjects Offered at ISF

Currently the following AP® subjects are offered at ISF:  Biology, Calculus AB, Chemistry, Computer Science A, English Literature and Composition, European History, French Language & Culture, German Language & Culture, Human Geography, Macroeconomics , Microeconomics, Music Theory, Physics C Electricity & Magnetism, Physics C Mechanics, Spanish Language & Culture and Studio Art Drawing.

ISF AP Course Booklet

Please consult our AP booklet for further information.

ISF AP Results 2014-2018

Our students earn excellent results each year.

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