ISF is located conveniently close to Frankfurt and to a number of towns in the Taunus area. It is also easily accessible by train or by car from Wiesbaden.

Transportation for students to and from ISF is possible via a number of means. 

Travel by Train

For those opting for public transport within the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main area, the S-Bahn stops Sindlingen (S1) and Zeilsheim (S2) bring students within a five-minute walk of the campus. Many students and teachers take the S-Bahn to and from school.

Bus Services

A “door to door” service is offered by private taxi companies and provides an alternative to public transport.

Details of can be found on SABIS® Digital Platform or upon request to our Admissions Department, where our staff will  be pleased to offer you advice about the best means of transport for your child.


ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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