Academic Achievements

One perfect IB score and two AP students with top scores

One perfect IB score and two AP students with top scores

Out of more than 159,400 candidates around the world, only 218 managed to achieve a perfect score of 45 in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma this year. We are very proud of the fact that one of them is an ISF graduate, Andy J., who attended ISF from Grade 7. He was not the only student to do well in the IB. Of the fifty-seven students who received their IB Diploma, nine achieved a score of 40+ points representing 16 % of the total IB graduates at ISF. Thirty seven students achieved a score between 30 and 39 and our average of 34 points is, again, well above the world average of 29.95 points.

Thirty nine students received the prestigious bilingual diploma and have therefore displayed fluency in two languages. Twenty two students met the criteria for the Abitur equivalent which enables them to obtain an allgemeine Hochschulqualifikation for study in Germany.

When we convert these results to the Abitur equivalent, two of our students scored 1,0 – the perfect Abitur score, while 7 achieved a high score of 1,9 or more.

Our Advanced Placement (AP) results were equally impressive. Out of the fourteen candidates, all gained at least one passing score, nine achieved at least one top score of 5 and six achieved at least four top scores. Two students gained top scores in all of their APs: Bowen X., who attended ISF since Grade 10, obtained eight APs and Sungwon Y., who joined ISF in Grade 8, obtained seven APs. Jin Hyuk L., who attended ISF since Grade 3, also did exceptionally well, obtaining eight APs with a top score in all but one subject. Considering that only 3 to 5 APs are required for university applications, this is a phenomenal achievement. Several AP candidates also received the allgemeine Hochschulzulassung for study in Germany with their excellent SAT or ACT scores and High School Diploma.

ISF students have always done exceptionally well in the IB Diploma and APs. We would like to thank our dedicated staff, caring parents and the students themselves for all of the hard work which has gone into such an achievement. Well done ISF!

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