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Grade 12’s Outstanding University Offers

Grade 12’s Outstanding University Offers

This has been a great year so far in terms of our students’ university offers with the majority of our students receiving offers from universities well inside the top 200 universities according to the Times University Rankings 2020.

So far from the UK we have received 119 offers of which 84 come from the prestigious Russell Group and other universities that are all within the top 200.

Huge congratulations to Emily Borghaus who has been offered a place to study PPE at Jesus College University of Oxford ranked 1st in the world. This college was founded by Queen Elizabeth 1st in 1571.

Four of our students have been offered places to study science courses at Imperial College London (ranked 10th) while 14 students are holding places from University College London (ranked 15th..) One student has been offered a place to study Economics at LSE (57th), four offers from the historic Scottish university of Edinburgh (30th) and 12 offers have come from King’s College London.

We have also enjoyed brilliant results from the USA with a record three of our students receiving offers of Places from New York University (29th) for places to study Biological Sciences, Economics and Business and Hospitality and Tourism Management. Other students have received offers to study course ranging from Philosophy to Engineering from other top USA universities including Penn state (78th), the University of Texas at Austin (38th), Purdue University (88th) and Michigan State University.

Two of our students have received offers to study Business Management at the impressive Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (48th) while today one of our students received an offer of a place to study Biological Sciences at Korea’s top science and technology university, KAIST (110). Two students have also received offers to study Life Sciences and Economics at the University of Toronto, Canada’s top university ranked 18th in the world. The Netherlands is an increasingly popular destination for our students and we currently have offers from Erasmus University Rotterdam (69), the University of Amsterdam (62) and Maastricht (127) for places to study Business, Economics and Data Science and Knowledge Engineering.

We have a large number of applications for which we are still waiting decisions and students applying to German and some Korean universities will not begin their applications until after graduation but the story so far has been an extremely good one reflecting the high levels of motivation and ability of our students, the excellent quality and skills of our teachers and the wonderful support given to our students by their families and friends.

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