Quick Questions

Quick Questions

May a student be enrolled at any time in the school year?

We know that we are serving an international community and have programs in place to accommodate students who come to us from around the world. Thus, if we have places available, we accept enrollments at any time during our school year up until May 1.

Does my child have to speak English to join ISF?

ISF offers an excellent Intensive English Program for non-native speakers at three levels: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. After completing Intensive English Advanced, a student will transition into Regular English with native speakers of the language.  A student who does not speak any English upon admission to the school will normally transition to Regular English after approximately one school year.

Will assistance be given to my child to settle into the new school?

Yes.  All new students are welcomed by a student ambassador who acts as a guide and mentor until the new student has settled in. In addition, all students have a homeroom teacher (form tutor) who meets with his/her class at the start and end of the day to ensure that students are keeping up with their school work.  School counsellors are also available as a resource to help new students settle in.  Students from Grade 5 upwards also take part in bonding activities at the beginning of the school year.  These activities help all students get to know their peers better.

Will my child learn German quickly?

German is a core subject at ISF and is offered at three levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) for foreign speakers of German.  German is also offered at a native speaker level.  All students at ISF have at least one German lesson per day.  Students in the native speaking German class cover a curriculum that is equivalent to the level used in schools in the state of Hesse.  

What other languages will my children learn?

French and Spanish are taught from Grade 6. Mother-tongue Korean is offered for students from Korea from Grade 1, and mother-tongue Japanese is offered to native speakers from Grade 9.

Is there a school uniform?

ISF has a required school uniform for students in grades 1 through 9.  Students in grades 10 and above have to abide by set standards for attire.  There is also a required uniform for physical education classes.

School uniforms are sold in the school uniform shop.

Are there school buses?

Transportation to and from school is offered through a number of transportation companies that have been vetted by the school. Details on available transportation services are available from the school. 

ISF is conveniently located on two subway lines (S1 and S2) and many of the school’s older students and the staff use the train to travel to and from school.   

Are school lunches provided?

There are three modern cafeterias on the ISF campus.   Sodexo, the catering company that services the school, provides a choice of delicious and nutritious three-course lunches every day as well as an excellent salad bar. Students may also choose to bring in their own lunch from home.  Microwave ovens are available for student use.  The school also has a well-stocked kiosk that serves a range of sandwiches and fresh fruit.

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